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Paddock House Farm Holiday Cottages

Paddock House Farm Holiday Cottages are self catering holiday accommodation in the Peak District National Park of Derbyshire. You can cook your own food in the fully equipped kitchen in each of the six cottages, located in 35-acre ground in the Peak District National Park.

The luxury cottages are situated amidst gardens, grassland and tree-lined drives on the expansive ground. The surrounding Peak District National Park provides additional natural attractions such as leafy forests, rugged moorlands, rolling hills and lush meadows.

The Peak District National Park is also rich in historical attractions in the forms of castles and old industrial structures. Some Derbyshire attractions include:

  1. Arkwights Cromford Mill that is reportedly the world’s first successful water powered cotton spinning mill. A system of ponds and underground culverts maintained the large requirements of water supply needed by the mill. The mill is now a world heritage site, under restoration by the Arkwright Society.
  2. The Blue John Cavern consists of a series of caverns. The cavern tour has great educational significance showing how limestone deposits and caverns are formed. Reports have it that the Blue John is the finest range open to the public in Western Europe.
  3. Bolsover Castle was originally built in the 12th century by the Peverell family. It changed hands a number of times and the castle itself went underwent several changes during the centuries since then. The symbolic and erotic paintings of the Little Castle were restored during 1970’s and the castle is now under the care of English Heritage.

The self catering holiday accommodation at Paddock House Farm Holiday Cottages is a great retreat while you enjoy the numerous attractions of Derbyshire

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